World Recognized Enterprise

Mountain Welding is a global enterprise providing manufacturers around the world with high precision resistance welding systems. Our products are specially engineered to handle welding jobs for those involved in automobile, agriculture, aerospace, and many other industries. Our goal is to become the world’s leading source of automotive production equipment and we are well on our way. More than 80% of the shock absorber production companies in China utilize equipment are supplied by Mountain Welding and our market presence continues to expand in other sectors. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

Three Decades of Experience

Mountain Welding is a globally sought after provider of industrial production systems. We have more than three decades of experience in the design and production of resistance welding systems. We provide resistance welding systems for customers from a variety of industrial sectors. Since 1992, Mountain Welding has manufactured more than 2000 pieces of equipment used by automobile, agriculture, aerospace, household appliance, architecture, and railroad industries. They have been applied for the welding of shock absorbers, wheels, fuel tanks, ring gears, drive shafts, drive bearings, rear axles, and more.

  • Case & TestimonialsAsia Motor Works, India, wheel rim production line, spoke flow former machine and hydraulic power system in 2007.
  • Case & TestimonialsHarbin Railway Bureau Industry General Corp. Qiqihaer Railway Accessary Equipment Factory, forge welding steel frog flash-butt welding machine in 2008.
  • Case & TestimonialsMAXION, Jining Century Wheel Manufactuer Limited Company, BAOSTEEL wheels,3 phase DC butt welding machine for vehicles in 2009.
  • Case & TestimonialsCarrier Wheels India, wheel rim welding and assembly line for tractors in 2010.
  • Case & TestimonialsKlassic Wheels India, wheel rim welding and assembly line for motorcycles in 2011.
  • Case & TestimonialsROADTAMER, automatic production line for automobile rear shock absorbers in 2012.
  • Case & TestimonialsKunshan Taiheiyo Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd., wheel welding and forming production line for construction trucks in 2013.
  • Case & TestimonialsGRC, vehicle shock absorber welding, assembly and inspection line in 2014.
  • Case & TestimonialsBhagwati Techno Fab, India, wheel rim welding line for trucks in 2015.
  • Case & TestimonialsKlassic Wheels India, full-automatic welding and assembly line for motorcycle steel wheel rims.
  • More than 80% shock absorber production companies in China utilize equipment supplied by Mountain Welding.
  • Automobile parts produced using our equipment: shock absorbers, wheels, gear rings, heavy-duty wheel rims, drive shafts, rear axles, fuel tanks, etc.
  • Household appliances include: air conditioner compressors, washers, elevators, etc.
  • Railroad and steel rails include: forge welded rail parts, railway construction and etc.
  • USA Head Office:
    1613 Chelsea Road, # 208, San Marino, CA91108, USA
  • China Factory:
    117 Nan San Road, Chengdu National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Long Quan Yi, Chengdu, China, 610100
    1. Email:
    2. Phone: +1 6268293958